React JS authentication with Laravel API

We want to create a consumer web app for our API developed using Laravel Passport and Dingo API. Laravel has it’s built in webpack for Vue and ReactJS so we can nicely integrate our client app into existing project. Result Here you can find final updated result containing views for: Login Register Forgot password (2 […]

Laravel Basic Authentication with Passport & Dingo API – Improvements

In the last post we have managed to login via Passport and return a response containing the access token. This way we need to store the access token on client side and send it attached to every request in order to access the protected routes. As you’ve may already heard, storing sensitive data on client […]

Laravel Basic Authentication with Passport & Dingo API – Setup

Why you might be interested? 1. You might save few hours of your time. 2. You care about your users security so you don’t want them to be hacked by a 10yo